About us
The Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners Federation is an organisation that values everything that is involved in racehorse ownership.

The Federation seeks to:
  • Act as an effective independent representative body for thoroughbred racehorse owners in New Zealand.
  • Consider industry issues and provide industry input and advocacy from a racehorse owners’ perspective – via its NZTR Board Representative.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance an owner’s industry involvement (financial, social, knowledge, enjoyment, satisfaction) and actively draw these opportunities to the attention of appropriate industry participants (e.g. NZTR, clubs, trainers and jockeys).
  • Support the ongoing publication of relevant information and articles of interest to the community of thoroughbred racehorse owners.
  • Provide existing and new members with quality information and assistance.
  • Improve the attractiveness of the industry to potential new owners and assist retain the existing ownership base.
  • Facilitate consultation with regional associations and provide a central conduit through which delegates can promote owner related initiatives and submissions.

You can download a copy of the NZTROF Constitution here for a detailed overview of who we are and how we operate.

Board Members: Neil Oldfield (Chariman); Jim Keyte (Secretary); Allan Fenwick & Mike Collinson (Manuwatu); Bernard Hickey & Tony Lyndon (Hawkes Bay); Brian O’Dea (Wanganui/Taranaki); Neil Miller, Mike Gething, Sally Blyth (Auckland); Fiona Hurst (Central Southland); Barbara Keyte & Jenny Cowan (Waikato/BOP)


Executive: Neil Oldfield (Chariman); Jim Keyte (Secretary); Allan Fenwick; Bernard Hickey; Neil Miller & Sally Blyth (Co-opted)


NTROF AGM 2017, Ellerslie, Sunday 17th September 2017

Seated, Left to Right: Neil Oldfield (Chairman) – Wanganui; Jim Keyte (Secretary); Barbara Keyte – Waikato/BOP; Mike Collinson – Manuwatu; Raewyn McKenzie & Frances Crimmins – Auckland; Brian O’Dea – Wanganui/Taranaki; Neil Miller – Auckland

Standing, Left to Right: Allan Fenwick – Manuwatu; Bernard Hickey – Hawkes Bay; Sally Blyth – Auckland; Fiona Hurst – Central Southland; Jenny Cowan – Waikato/BOP

Absent: Tony Lyndon – Hawkes Bay, Mike Gething – Auckland.